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Courses For 10th Students

Have you completed your Class 10 Atlanta Computer Institute offers specialized courses to make you a complete IT professional. These courses are best for those who are in college or have taken their Class 10 exams.

These courses prepare you for an exciting & rewarding career in IT. If you join one of these courses, you can even do it without affecting your college attendance or your job.

The courses below help you develop high-end computer skills & Web development. These courses are developed in such a way as to make you ready for an international IT career.

Duration- 3-4 Months Course

Diploma In Ms-Office

To make students/graduates/anyone computer-literate. To equip people with data processing & office automation skills which are a must in today's computerized corporate world

... ¤ More
Diploma In Office Automation (DOA)
Ms-Office, PageMaker, CorelDraw, Tally... ¤ More
Diploma In DTP
If you have a creative spirit, a passion for working with people and a penchant for solving puzzles, then you have the ingredients to be a great graphic designer. This course is designed to inspire th... ¤ More
Diploma In Programming Using C & C++

Learn programming with C, C++ and advanced programming techniques using data structures.

... ¤ More
Diploma In 2d Animation Using Flash

The course will enable students to create digital portfolios and flash-based games and sites, making use of the tools and Action Script. They understand how to apply programming concepts and demons... ¤ More

Diploma In 3d Animation Using Maya

Maya is a software program used for the creation of 3D animation. A diploma program in the use of Maya will teach you about the possibilities the program offers, and how to maximize its tools. In m... ¤ More

Diploma In Programming Using Core & Advance Java

The Java platform at its core, is a way of computing that is based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should run on different kinds of computers, consumer gadgets and othe... ¤ More

Diploma In Android

Android is an open-source mobile platform, based on the Linux kernel. There are limitless software development opportunities on Android because of its open source nature. With Google extending... ¤ More

Diploma In Website Designing Using HTML

Windows 8 is the latest, best version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS). The OS delivers awesome user experience on mobile devices - such as tablets. It gives you the ability to synchr... ¤ More

Diploma In PHP & My SQL

MySQl & PHP are the foundation for developing powerful web applications & dynamic websites that go beyond basic HTML.

Through this course learn h... ¤ More

Diploma In Financial Accounting Using Tally 9 ERP

Financial Accounting is here to stay and will only grow in expanse with time. With a Diploma in ERP using Tally, you will evolve with the ever growing knowledge of financial accounting. As this pro... ¤ More

Diploma In Industrial Accounting

Numerous practical lessons with answers and a number of a real life cases have been included in this course for effective learning. You will find numerous Frequently Asked Questions for Self-assess... ¤ More

Six Months Course

Diploma In Information Technology (DIT)

The Diploma in Information Technology Management is a free online course that explains why managers must understand how Information Technology plays a fundamental role in both the structure and con... ¤ More

Diploma In Web Logic's, Multimedia And Animation

With most of the businesses using various mediums of media to promote their business, demand for multimedia professionals such as web designers, graphic designers and animators is increasing signif... ¤ More

One Year Course

Advance Diploma in Information Technology (ADIT)

The Advanced Diploma in Information Technology course aims to equip students in all aspects of IT, but particularly focuses on computing and network systems, database systems, web technologies and ... ¤ More


Many colleges and universities offer courses and training programs that prepare individuals for careers in computer hardware installation and repair. Read on to learn about the most popular course ... ¤ More

Honors Diploma in Web Logics, Multimedia And Animation

Online programmable logic classes are concerned with the design and manufacturing of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Schools and businesses that create PLCs often provide training, including... ¤ More

Advanced Diploma In Software Exports & Web Programming

Beginning with the foundations of programming, you’ll learn C++, iOS and Java while also picking up skills in information systems and game development to give you a sound basis for software d... ¤ More

Diploma In Software Exports

Software is a set of programms,procedures,algorithams & its documentation concerned with the operation of a data processing system.program software perform the function of the program it implem... ¤ More

  • Tally ERP 9
  • Microsoft
  • Visual Basic
  • SQLServer
  • ASP.Net
  • C & C++
  • MS-Office
  • Php MySql
  • Coral Draw
  • Flash
  • Java, Advance Java
  • Atlanta Computer Institute
  • Atlanta Computer Institute
  • AutoCAD
  • 3D Studio Max